Nancat nyan

Hello. I'm an australian fartist. I like to doodle, and spend more-than-necessary amounts of time doing fanart. Pleased to meet you! rolls away

Sparkly kick-ass shoujo baby 8v8

Trying to step outside of the comfort zone a little bit. 

Some thingy 

Guns dealer 

Bunch o’ Kikuro scribbles

Doodle Woodle

A Dance in Despair

Textures from Lost and Taken

..LOOOOOOOL I THOUGHT YOU WERE HARDCORE STUDYING………..(it’s okay I’ve been drawing too..Free! COUGH COUGH random scribbles COUGH COUGH) what are we doing on this site time for me to get off

I TRIED I SWEAR I DID. Ugh I deleted the tumblr app off my phone at least so I’m not browsing tumblr in the mornings any more and refusing to wake up heh… yeah me too goodnight ;-;

So I found out that the voice actor for Judal is the same voice actor for Kise, and the VA for Hakuryuu is the same guy who does Kuroko.

So me and meshellfish were just laughing at the idea of Kuroko beating up those miragen giants like kagami suggested and this is the result

Its that bird spirit thing I tried to do but didn’t do very w ell /croakcss/. e_e

NG:E doodles I needed out of my system 

Yeah I tried to make a thing. 

Haven’t done some personal projects in a while. Background referenced