What? Unhealthy obsession with 100% adorable lizard man from yowapeda? Noooooo way. 

Onoda on-a-date (get it?) ha ha ha sansaku…. 

Yeah another thing I’m trying to make for smash. I realise I’m really terrile with background designs so if I manage to brainstorm something better then the background’s going to change. 

A5 print but also a few A3 copies will be available because I’m seriously lacking sell-material. Cries. 

DMMD print … for that… dmmd anime… 
I finally completed the colouring it took ages. 

Midosuji print for smash. I might not make this A3 because the brushes are so rough. Yeah Midosuji is a cutie okay. Yellow is the colour of my heartbreak

A3 Haikyuu print to be sold at smash. Hope my preference for the captains aren’t too obvious here

A3 print for Tokyo Ghoul. I can’t really decide on which background I like better ORZ. 

Busy with prints doodling a lot less on my phone now wah

Finally uploading this. I sort of joined desupon and cloudmelon and meshellfish a few weeks back (gotta pin the dirt on you guys -stares-) in a “stripper AU” doodle prompt HA  H ah ha ha  h a     h  ….a 

Sticker sets for smash! I’m crying as I think about how I’m going to have to manually cut all of these (can’t afford kiss-cuts in time) 

Toumei Answer

A3 and A5 Print for smashcon 2014 for all the Ayano fans out there (I love Ayano wah) 

witbik replied to your photoset “Life drawing again. I have finally left pencil realm and entered pen…”

Which one you go to

Arthouse $5 :-) 

Phone-y hailowkyuu comics (GET IT?? get iiiit? because these were made on my phone ha ha ha I’m hilarious) 

Life drawing again. I have finally left pencil realm and entered pen realm. Loljks I got erasable pens.

Life-drawing stash. Laughs they just get progressively lazier as I lose concentration at the speed of light. It’s also too cold to use a scanner these days.

Exam over. Time to party pedal hard.